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Limestone ridge near centre of LD Property.

Deep soil sampling using Bobcat mounted auger on LD Property.

Deep soil sampling using Bobcat mounted auger on LD Property.

Deep soil sampling using Bobcat mounted auger on LD Property.

Location & Topography

The LD property comprised of 12 twopost claims totaling 300 hectares is located
12 kms southeast of Atlin in northwestern British Columbia. It straddlles the headwaters of the McKee and Dominion Creeks, major placer gold producing creeks in the area. Dominion Creek is one of the main tributaries to Spruce Creek, a prolific placer gold producer. The main placer gold deposits on Spruce Creek lie immediately below its confluence with Dominion Creek at the site of the historic Nolan Mine in the Atlin Mining District.

The claim block covers an area of 300 hectares and is centred at latitude 59o31'N and longitude 133o28'E within mapsheets 104N.053.

Access to the property is via Surprise Lake Road for 5 kms and then Spruce Creek Road for 5 kms. An all terrain road runs parallel to Dominion Creek and provides easy access to the property.

The Atlin area is located just east of the Coast Mountains on the Teslin Plateau. The
town of Atlin lies on the eastern shore of Atlin Lake, the largest natural lake in British
Columbia, at an elevation of 670 metres. The topography in the area is moderately
rugged with slopes of up to 30o rising from the Pine Creek Valley at an elevation of
915 metres to mountains well over 1800 metres.

The immediate property area consists of short, steep hills and wide, U-shaped
valleys. Glacial retreat in Pleistocene time deposited up to 100 metres of glaciofluvial
till in the Spruce Creek Valley. Above the valley floor, till cover is thin to nonexistent,
giving way to felsenmeer and outcrop at higher elevations. The treeline is at approximately 1370 metres on north facing slopes and 1400 metres on south facing slopes. Below 1370 metres the valleys are forested with lodgepole pine, black spruce and aspen. Mountain alder and willow grow near streams and stunted buck brush covers the hills above tree line.

Daytime temperatures in summer average 20oC and there is little precipitation. Winter temperatures in January average --15oC with moderate snowfall. Total annual precipitation has been measured at 279.4 mm. "Winter" conditions can be expected from October to April.

Geology & Mineralization

The Atlin region is located in the northwestern corner of the northern Cache Creek (Atlin) Terrane. It contains a fault-bounded package of late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic dismembered oceanic lithosphere, intruded by post-collisional Middle Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary felsic plutonic rocks. Mixed graphitic argillite and pelagic sedimentary rocks that contain minor pods and slivers of metabasalt and limestone dominate the terrane. Remnants of oceanic crust and upper mantle lithologies are concentrated along the western margin. Dismembered ophiolitic assemblages have been described at three localities along this margin: from north to south they are the Atlin, Nahlin and King Mountain assemblages. Each area contains imbricated mantle harzburgite, crustal plutonic ultramafic cumulates, gabbros and diorite, together with hypabyssal and extrusive basaltic volcanic rocks. Thick sections of late Paleozoic shallow-water limestone dominate the western margin of the terrane and are associated with alkali basalts. These are interpreted to be carbonate banks constructed on ancient ocean islands within the former Cache Creek ocean basin.

-- (reproduced from Ash, 2001)
Exploration History

Gold was first discovered in the Atlin area in 1897 during the Dawson Creek Gold Rush. The first workings were on Pine Creek and by the end of 1898 more than 3,000 people were camped in the Atlin area.

Placer mining has been the economic mainstay for the town of Atlin. Reported placer gold production between 1898 and 1946 (the last year for which government records were kept) from creeks in the Atlin area totalled 634,147 ounces (19,722 kilograms) (Holland, 1950).

A number of the larger placer deposits, including those on Otter, Wright, Boulder, Birch, Ruby, Spruce and Pine Creeks, continued to produce significant quantities of gold into the late 1980s. Although the total placer gold production from the area to date is not available, it probably exceeds one million ounces (Ash, 2001).

From 1983 to 1986, Standard Gold Mines Ltd. worked the western portion of the LD property and the eastern portion of the property was worked by Claymore Resources Ltd. Both companies conducted soil geochemical, geophysical surveys, followed by small trenching and diamond drilling programs. In 1987, Placer Dome Inc. optioned the area containing the LD property but no work was conducted in the vicinity of the LD claims. No additional exploration work has been done on the property from 1987 until now.

Assessment reports filed with B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMR) state that from 1983 to 1986 Standard Gold Mines Ltd. (Standard) and Claymore Resources Ltd. (Claymore) worked the west and east portions of the LD gold property, respectively. Both Claymore and Standard reported very high gold grades over relatively narrow zones of quartz veining in trenches, grab samples and diamond drill core. On the western portion of the LD claims, Standard reported high grade gold values from numerous quartz veins in trenches along a shear structure (EMR Assessment 11511). Several samples returned values in excess of 50 g/t gold including assays of 330.3 g/t gold (9.635 oz/t) and 426.5 g/t gold (15.116 oz/t) from 15 kg bulk samples collected from trenching. Gold mineralization previously reported by Claymore was found in a trench grab sample of quartz veining in felsic rocks, which assayed 9.39 g/t gold. The best drill intersection was from Hole 1 and returned 0.274 oz/t gold over 3.05 m.

Property Tenure

Armadillo Resources agreed to purchase a 100% interest in the LD gold property in late July 2010 from a privately held group. The Company made an initial payment of $160,000, an additional $100,000 on September 24, 2010 and a final payment of $240,000 due on the completion of the next flow-through/non flow-through private placement to be participated in by associated parties. There will be a 3% NSR and the Company has the option of purchasing 1% of the NSR for $1,000,000.  
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