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Amazon Basin Gold Property


This property is located south of the city of Manaus and encompasses approximately 1,370,368 hectares of 164 processos minerals (claims) in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Rondonia. It is centered between the Tapajos River on the east and the Mardeira River to the west in an area of extensive mining. There is an international airport at Manaus and highway access to the property is southbound to Humaita and then eastbound on the Transamazonia Highway using a complex system of secondary or tertiary gravel roads. The more remote portions of the property are accessible by local river transportation.

These mineral tenures have been grouped into nine projects according to their geographical location and geologic setting:

Amazonas State
These tenures -- Manicore, Aripuana and Curauai -- are located in the southeastern portion of Amazonas and comprise 35 mineral claims and encompass 338,262 hectares. The primary exploration targets are for gold with some diamond targets.

Mato Grosso State
The Madeirinha, Juruena, Matupa and Jatoba projects are located in the northern and southeaster portion of Mato Grosso and comprise 63 mineral claims comprising 512,641 hectares. The primary exploration targets are for gold except for the Jatoba project which was acquired for diamond exploration.

Rondonia State
Two projects -- the Cacoal and Theobrama projects -- are located in the east-central portion of the State. Comprised of 18 mineral claims over 49,364 hectares, the principal exploration targets are gold, diamonds, tin and copper.

Complete details on each of these Projects are available in the Technical Report posted above.
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